“I have a very high-stress job and my doctor recommended I do something to help reduce the tension for health reasons. I had no idea that working with Meg would be such a life-changing experience. I cannot recommend her enough! I continue to learn about myself at every visit and consider it the most important thing I do for my health.”

JS, designer


“Meg has knowledge and skill, of course, but also compassion and intuition. Meg has the uncanny ability to know what you need and what will work best for you. She’s got the whole package!”

JB, bass player &  certified financial planner


“I was flattened (quite literally) after a bicycle accident, recovering from several broken bones. For a guy who had been active every day, bed rest for a few weeks and the trauma of the crash rendered me very stiff and unhappy. I received a Trager session from Meg Agnew, which turned out to be a better pain reliever than pills and went a long way to restoring my suppleness. I believe it helped me recover faster as well. Meg’s skillful work was quite restorative.”


“I had my first massage with Meg over 17 years ago. She began integrating what I soon learned was the Trager Approach into her massage. With each rocking movement I felt my nervous system begin to soothe, my emotions calm and my physical body renew. The need for integration of all these systems has never been met by anyone else and the Trager Approach is the key to it all.

My husband received a severe brain injury 12 years ago and has worked with Meg consistently ever since. She has found her way using great skill and a very sensitive approach to helping him re-integrate into his physical being. What incredible abilities – to meet such specific needs and foster tremendous positive change over these many years. We are both so grateful for Meg in our lives!”

JL, entrepreneur