Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Meg Agnew Warm Ayurvedic Oil Massage - Image by Anne-marie Ridderhof from Pixabay

The benefits of nourishing the body with herb-infused oils has long been understood in the Ayurvedic medicine tradition of India. With over 30 years of massage training and experience in scores of bodywork modalities, this is the most effective form of full-body oil massage I have found and am passionate about offering.

This treatment is deeply informed by the full-body, rhythmic strokes of abhyanga (a traditional Ayruvedic oil application), the lymphatic and circulatory benefits of Swedish massage and the soft, coaxing, full touch of the Trager Approach.

Using warm, organic, herb-infused oil, an Ayurvedic Oil massage will…

  • calm and nourish your nervous system

  • promote better sleep and reduce anxiety

  • eliminate toxins and improve your body’s immune response

  • soften and nourish your skin, reducing the effects of aging

  • improve circulation

  • support your whole being in finding balance in body, mind and spirit

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